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The Reason Why I Want To Be Hwang Bo
So many skinships with 2PM !!!

First, Hwang Bo got to hug Jaebum,

Junho grabbing her arm
Junsu trying to calm her down
Chansung & Junho giving her a warm up message
Then Wooyoung joined Chansung
Junsu helping her & Chansung touching her hand
Wooyoung wrapped his arm around her
Hugs from Taecyeon
Hug from Khun & Chansung
Taecyeon lifting her up
while the others helping her

Lost Generation
Last night I switched my remote from CNN to MTV. After getting fed up with the news of Tiger Woods cheating/car crash incident (hasn't anyone learned from Princess Diana?) and Did they or did they not crash the Whitehouse party?, I decided some insight of troubled teenagers looking for love would not hurt.

Do you remember when MTV used to be the it thing? When you could say "Oh I saw it on MTV" when your teacher asked how you found out about global warming & staying off drugs. It saddened me when I started to see naked men running around feeding themselves to tarantulas and bunches of spoiled talentless fashionistas bitching about how they life suck when they don't know how to spend their daddy's money on Spring Break.

I used to chuckled whenever they said "Next we have Bye Bye Bye by N'SYNC" because 4-byes did sound like a stupid relay error but I would trade what I see today with those cheesy boybands. Hey, I know you love them too.

So where are the good music? Where are the cool VJs? What happened to MTV Generation? All I see now is people making out on hot tubs. Tila Tequila is not a role model, ladies & gentlemen. I refuse to take someone who's named after a drink seriously and do you really think Steve-O still have a normal brain cell?

I want my MTV back.

In Indo we used to have this saying "anak nongkrong MTV" which abruptly translated "Chillin MTV peeps" but it actually means younger generation who watch MTV, listen to good music, are aware of their surroundings and therefore: COOL. It was something to be proud of. It was a culture. It was us.

So what are we now?
rich king, poor king.
i am NOT emotionally bankrupt. trust me. the lion king made me cry.
yet watching the news, then seeing the MJ related status updates flooding my home page made me feel...nothing..??
i am not a callous bitch. let me justify. 1. i didn't know the guy personally (duh). 2. his kids can walk around maskless now. 3. i have mourned his musical death since 1995 anyway. 4. Gavin Arvizo, Jason Francia, Jordan Chandler.

although point number 4, i have a feeling, will be glossed over in the wake of his death in the same manner Suharto's corruption was glossed over when he died. death makes the heart grow fonder, no?

on another note, Leonard Peltier has been granted his first parole in 15 years, the U.S. will be supplying the Somalian government with weapons and training, the International Whaling Commission fails to curb the continuing killing of some 1,000 whales per year - despite the fact that scientist have discovered them to possess qualities of personhood, and NASA's LCROSS will be live-streaming a fly by to determine weather water ice exists on the surface of the moon, (cool).

Rest in peace MJ.
i splashed the salty water of pacific ocean with my feet. looking down to the whitest sand and coldest wave, ahhh i'm a resident of the paradise. so i sat one step back to the shore, back arched to the sun, left leg moving through the water, pulling waves. then i looked around, a coconut tree rises into the sky, an awkward skinny teenager embarrassed of his height, and then there they are. two elders sat on their straw beach mats before the horizon. she was obviously telling him a story, her weak tiny hand moves up and down, sometimes wanders a little to the side, as if she was ready to fly. then i looked at him, the person she was explaining a wonderful thing to. he stares at her just as she was 40 years younger, his eyes were set on her face full of wrinkle and his eyes softened. he could not careless the sun almost retire that day, he could not careless the cold water touches his tip of toes.

he sees her.

i smiled, raised my camera and captured the moment.
Zsa zsa Zsu
Who created xoxo = hugs & kisses?
I don't want hugs & kisses.
I'd prefer licks & sniffs.
thank you.
I'm Still Alive...
tho I'd reckon no one reads this blog. Why?
coz you have no idea how to navigate this site, correct?


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