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God is real
sweetest honey to the brightest flower
the largest plant into the smallest atom
snow flakes in the bird kingdom
smaller than the eye can see, bigger than the mind can concieve.
i heard a man on the radio today
i must confess i disagreed with what he had to say
how can he not believe that God is real.
i don't understand how he could feel that way
when there's earth air water and fire,
so many different flowers, sunshine and rainshower
so many different crystals and hills and volcanos
that's how i know that God is real
in Saint Lucia, i jumped in the water,
for the first time i understood its power
as i swam, i was cleansed.
if i had any doubts, this experience cleared them
now i know for sure that God is real
i know that it's the truth by the way it feels
cause i saw starfish and sponges, fish and black trumpets,
so many different colors
i stayed out there for hours and i only saw a fraction of a fraction
of the deep, of the great blue wide
it brought a tear to my eye
we're made of the same stuff as the moon and stars
the ocean's salt water just like my tears are
you feel me the sun rises and sets everyday without fail
earth, air, water, and fire
that's how i know that God is real

i worship india arie too, she's superb!



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i know people who know cool people. proud Indonesian. right-handed. quintessential pisces. the original. starting afresh. unintentionally intense. deeper than the mariana trench. smart. kind. lonely. negative. loaded. space cowboy. sweet. mildly disillusioned. first child. too sensitive for her own good. short & curvy. never cruel. kinky. flippant. loud. singing into hairbrush. dirty dirty dirty words. silly. affectionate. self conscious. occasionally elitist. lost?


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