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stoned smurfs
a guy just told me that smurf was all about communism. funny.
but now i think it's probably true.
why only the smurf leader had a red hat while others had white?
he got bigger mushroom house too! so bourgeois.
he had lots of mushrooms to himself.
he must be stoned all the time.

maybe coz he has this title called "leader"?? just as you know, all leaders have more than human being has. lol.


they're still human too,hon. they just blessed with voracities that i certainly hate. i mean, we want those mushrooms too!!! *wakakakakakaka*


hey you!
baru tau kamyu bukya blog.
nasib pisan yah kita ga ketemu2... :(

aduh sapa yah? cant access to your blog



i also heard smurf is abt. comm. But why should we care.


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