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idle chit-chat
This happens to me and a person next to me, on the bed, late late night.
What is the point to any conversation under the state of drowsiness?
You talk and talk and you’re both like, what the fuck? What the fuck is going on?
Hey, what were we talking about again? You tell a story, udah panjang lebar,
going off/on tangents, then you pause, move back to, what was I saying again?
Your listener, in her catatonic state of mind has made her best to bond her brain cells listening, trying to get you. And then you realize, the point is laughter.
You’re talking crap and you forget your point, what the fuck is the point of this story?
Oh yeah, and finish your story, you laugh, she laughs.
Conclusion in all it’s simplicity. Anything for a laugh when you’re drained.
It’s all you want to do. Just talk, be silly and laugh.
It’s the climax. It’s the point to what you’re saying.
It’s the joy of connecting with someone else who’s equally useless.

who is someone else who's equally useless?? kok sepertinya tulisan anda familiar yey.. buehehehehehe..

does the distinguishing "gitu deh" and "gini deh" usage in dawn conversation rings any bell?



Haha funny post but like someone once said - "typically female"! Its funny how all girls think, drink n sink alike.

Hello my name is___Dave____.
I __have just come to know___ INAN.
INAN is _a girl with 2 hands____.
Me and INAN are complete strangers.
I wish me and INAN were _friends_.
If I were alone in a room with INAN, I would _fall asleep__.
I want INAN to know that I'm sorry I didn't try to get to know her before.
I think INAN should blog more often.
INAN needs to ___drop by more often at my blog______.
I want to go on a date with_ INAN.
Someday INAN will learn how to go to sleep even with friends on the bed.
INAN reminds me of my x x x x gf.
Without INAN I would _be dropping comments at somebody else's blog right now______.
Memories of INAN are _of Indonesians in APH______.
INAN can be __a good model___.
The worst thing about INAN is _to be INAN_____.
The best thing about INAN is _also to be INAN________.
I am _bullshitting_ with INAN.
If I can tell INAN anything it would be _"hi there"_.

nice one, dave! and yeah guess we're not stranger anymore,eh? girls are all like that, we bitch around and talk crap most of the time. but u shd know that we're sweet & good at cooking too hahaha...those are some qualities guys never have. *peace out*

hey so im gonna drop my first comment on ur the way did the laughter lead to sex?

my god Raj..u dirty little scud! i aint lesbian just so u know. and i was drowsy, not tipsy...


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