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this is one of my old posts:

how high do you really think your narcissistic tendencies are? how high could a person possibly have?

it's nonsense. buy a mirror. enjoy your reflection. pretend yourself as a movie star, or at least, a famous person. smile and figure out your best angle. this aint bullshit. it works very well.

enjoy your self doesnt mean annoy others. write it down, people! a bunch of guys here in APU (god, my freakin college) are totally self-obsessed. we call'em gargoyle -yes, they're THAT annoying-. their heads are up there high so they could hardly watch where their asses go. sucks to be them. i both hate and love them at the same time coz they're fun to watch. i even had a big crush on one of'em. a big weird crush.

girls. they bitch about others too much. japanese girls do really need some fashion emergency. only GOD could help them. girls think they are fat tho' their legs look like a twig. they think they aint tan enough to wear such stupid summer dress. gosh you look way more burnt than my burned waffle. get a grip. some sleep with many guys many times for the sake of social standard. the numbers are higher than Brunei's population. how crazy it is.

girls = self-conscious.

this formula had existed long way before Newton found the gravitation. like, me for instance, spend 80 % of my whole life worrying about my appearance. hair. skin. dress. shoes. belly. toofat. not-so-fat. thigh. height. weight. cant never get enough of that. my current interests = losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight. still. curves are much much comfier than bones, yes pumpkin? no harm of being fat as long as you're happy. F*** people comment. they're just jealous. trust me on this.

more cushion for the pushin'. never let anyone tell you otherwise. enjoy the beauty of eating. enjoy yourself. more wine, more good food, more smart conversation, and definitely more laughter. depression is boring, anti social and bad for your skin. you know yourself the most so act like the truly owner.

be selfish, be wise. so on a final note, eat, drink, smile and be merry.

i'm off track anyways...

*if i (again) hurt anyone on this comment, you shd stop reading my post. your fragile soul shdn't obtain any further temptation and apparently i love tempting ppl's fragile soul. i shall call you my child instead of doll.*


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