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Against Darwin's
i read yurisa's latest post about fossils & apes and i have something to share...well i always do, so bare with me.

i believe that our ancestors were humans, not monkeys. i more consent on the "social darwinism" who holds a theory of evolution by the natural selection. it is not only a model for the development of biological traits, but also applied to human social institution. in a nutshell, who can make a lot of money were chosen to dominate. that makes more sense but actually, the main reason is that i declined to visualize adam & eve in monkey's appearance.

comparing science and religion concept will definitely take forever since they speak a different languange, the black hole theory, for instance. and i also read about the "eugenics" theory which improves the human genetic qualities". some might descibe it as a human action whose goal is to improve the "gene pool". more intellegent people, physically healthier & stronger people, and morally superior people. criticism like the pseudoscience argued on the way of eugenics objectifies human hereditary traits which places too much value on irrational characteristics rather than considers the individuals as a whole.

so if human is a part of the evolution, my question is, what's next?

well...let's not get too pensive and enjoy what i found:
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

teteh, thanx for the idea. i enjoy reading ur post, am so at awe at your brainpower. it's nice to discover a new layer on a person.

just openend my MSN space to find a nice comment from u, its been awhile ne since the last time i post something, anyways thank you for stopping by and make a special posting for commenting my blog. ganbatte choirnya ^-^


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