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she asked me to do this. so here it goes.

10 years ago: was 10. very very vague memory. less imageries than childhood time. everyday was a routine. school, ballet lesson, piano lesson, singing lesson, lesson, lesson, lesson and tv. that was me education.

5 years ago: discovery era. phone-talking endlessly (so much that i stopped talking now). great friends. first big crush. cutting up pictures from magazines and stick it on the journal. . party party party every weekends. went bananas wit them. was so into punk & Blink182. still am really.

5 snacks (fave/recent):
-dark chocolate for luxury!
-chicken 126 from famima. it's highly addictive.
-wicked wings from KFC. i like the fact that it feels less hormon-ish than value meal.
-melon juices.

5 songs I know all the words to:
-fatima rainey's hey. oldy oldy me.
-pussycatdolls's sway. with the mic's action and all.
-maroon5's sunday morning.
-any of Blink's, really.
-somebody's twinkle2 lil star. hey, anyone can remember this.

100 million to spend?: no way. really? ok. set up a foundation for poor kids. stray puppy's sanctuary. loading my wardrobe then travel in style (or maybe just all scruffy and messy) and cool concerts. maybe adopt some poor kids on the way.

5 bad habits:
-being lazy. lazy to chew rice, lazy to switch off the tv, even talking.
-procrastinate like a queen mother.
-live in mess.
-not talking when i shud.
-maybe skipping class.

5 fave joys:
-lunch/dinner with the girls follow up by watching movies and have a good cry.
-still in bed early morning wit maliq & d'essentials.
-be impressed randomly.!!!

5 retreats:
-singing anytime/anything.
-like estelle, jazz and coffee backyard. so cliche.
-just listening to my fave songs.
-quiet laundry. fresh smell of it.
-reading good books like anais nin's.

5 fave toys:
-ai my toy. now it's don juan.
-lap top. that stupid game that no one plays.
-my camera. i'm a cam whore.
-my boyfriend. he volunteered.

5 things I'd never wear:
-distasteful prints on pants. or just mismatched prints.
-a yellow from head to toe.
-anything that screams dolly parton.
-shiny sporty shades.
-macdonald's shoes. that i've mentioned it...i quite like them.

5 tv shows:
-laguna beach. so rad.
-desperate housewives.
-friends. fucking hilarious.
-sex & the city. lusting over city.
-the o.c. what else?

5 people who HAVE to do this:
no reason, i just love to know. tho' i wonder if ppl actually read this....

10 years ago: was 12...just enrolled to junir high, had a crush with my senior, english school, swimming, basket ball (none of these sports have good impact to my height tho)

5 years ago: had my own bday party, still with the same bf (now ex bf :P) for over a year.

5 snacks (fave/recent):
-daigaku imo (im so japanized)
-potato chips
-nastar!!!(God i miss it)

5 songs I know all the words to:
-Indonesian national anthem
-unwritten (Natasha something)
-mmm....i think i dont know that much

100 million to spend?: subsidise (spell?) Oita kotsu bus to APU, so they will reduce the fare a bit or buy them more buses so we dont hv to be stuffed like sardines.

5 bad habits:
-sleep over my bed time
-laying around in bed all day
-not studying japanese
-sleeping in the class
-using too many lotions

5 fave joys:
LOL what a pig!!!

5 retreats:
-sitting around smelling my body lotions
-taking a long hot shower
-hot choco + cinnamon roll

5 fave toys:
-my phone
-my computer
-my lotions
-my japanese books (LOL)
-my Big Bear :-P

5 things I'd never wear:
-bikini to school
-high heels (at least not now)
-mini skirts during cold days
-sweater during summer
-rain coat when its not raining
i cant think of anything :-D

5 tv shows:
-TV is
-only good
-to put an
-elephant statues on

5 people who HAVE to do this:
-this is
-just for INAN :-D


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