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Nadine sold us out
I got this vid from my friend and it was really interesting. well, embarassing if i can put it that way. Nadine Chandrawinata, Miss Indonesia 2006 who is competing in Miss Universe event this year.

She is so damn hot but her english is definitely not.

This is funny becoz she's a hybrid (learnt this word from somebody) Germany-Indonesian and the media says she speaks fluent english & germany. the fact is she has just learnt english 3 months before she went for the event. ha ha. i'm not talkin abt small mistakes or mispells *coz i hate it when somebody critizes my silliness, am not a native so bare with that*, but this is a really HUGE, A BIG NO-NO, OH-GOSH-PLEASE-TAKE-IT-BACK kind of mistakes.

u dont believe me? read her interview lines:

Who is your idol?
My admirer is mother Theresa because she's so humble for me, so i am so adore at her(.......hasn't she died already, and y would she admire u?)

What do you want the rest of the world to know about your country?
Indonesia is a beautiful city... so, you should go there to visit by yourself, because we have a lot of beautiful,
(Indonesia is your COUNTRY, missy...and're one of our beautiful bitches. word.)

shit i dunno y i feel so embaressed abt this. maybe becoz apparently my mom is her brother's lecturer in the university *i think mom shd know abt this*, he's hot too but yeah...who cares? also coz the online voting rates her as a "HOT" out of "SUPER HOT", "HOT", "DESIRABLE", and somethin else. or, maybe by the fact that she represents our country in the international events which requires beauty AND (not OR, nadine...) brain.

maybe i'm to harsh abt this but really, even my lil sis with her lil english knows Indonesia is not a city, its our GODDAM country.

Nadine, come back next year after u learn a lil english, k hon? this year...tell the judges that u got muted all of the sudden, and just smile when they ask questions. You have a very beautiful smile, darling... so u'd better make use of it, and everybody will be happy.



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