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oompa loompa?
i dunno y almost all old funny cartoon characters had a very funny name.

name it: humpty dumpty. oogie boogie. oompa loompa. willy wonka.

i have a friend with the head shape like humpty dumpty's, whenever he's around he makes me hungry coz his head reminds me of an egg. it makes me wanna eat......umm.......egg.

here goes the jingle: "humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall. all the king's horses and all the king's men, couldnt put humpty together again".

thats pretty scary for kid's imagination, humpty dumpty broken into pieces.

i dunno y i talked abt humpty dumpty, it's not even interesting to me. i guess it's all because my lack of sleep these days, why can i not finish assignment more on time? i do weird stuffs, random things to my bloggg, eat too much beans, drink less coke (thats good). anything but sleep.

sleep. awake is the new sleep. haha. i blame the weather. these rainy summer days smell kinda funky to me.

aaron mentioned smthn funny: when somebody gets angry when he's hungry, we shd call him "hangry". hah.


Dudette, u have way too much free time on ur hands for u to think about such... misc. things...

BTW, kewl blog...


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