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Battling teenage raging hormones
This happened back in Perth, Marco shared Advanced English class with me, Alinta was my roomate, and Nick was her bf, well...maybe still is.

Marco: Dude, did I tell you about the dream I had?!
Inan: No. (cheekily) Was it dirty?
Marco: You were in it.
Inan: Was it dirty?
Marco: And so was Alinta.
Marco: Oh yeah. It was totally dirty. You were sitting on my lap and french-kissing me.
Inan: No way! Alinta! Come here!
Alinta: (comes over)
Inan: Dude... tell Alinta about your dream.
Marco: Inan french-kissed me.
Inan: Isn't that cool?
Marco: You were in it too Alinta. It was kind of a threesome.
Alinta: Oh yeah?
Inan: Oh yeah... I'm so bad. Yo Nick! Nick! Come here.
Nick: (comes over)
Inan: Marco, tell Nick.

I'm so proud of myself. I'm tainting people in dreams as well as in reality.


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i know people who know cool people. proud Indonesian. right-handed. quintessential pisces. the original. starting afresh. unintentionally intense. deeper than the mariana trench. smart. kind. lonely. negative. loaded. space cowboy. sweet. mildly disillusioned. first child. too sensitive for her own good. short & curvy. never cruel. kinky. flippant. loud. singing into hairbrush. dirty dirty dirty words. silly. affectionate. self conscious. occasionally elitist. lost?


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