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one two cha cha cha
My blood's still rushing down from head to toe as i just finished my chacha dance practice a while ago. it's funny coz the whole office were dancing in one room, from the general manager to intern *like me* were swinging towards eachother like an ocean of moving bodies. i dunno abt the deal since i just joined the company not so long ago, i guessed they've been practicing for the upcoming international convention in Bali. sounds like fun to me.

As i was watching people dancing, i realize how important the comfortability when you dance in partners, oh well since it is Latin Dance, you HAVE to dance in partners. I was surprisingly nervous when i gotta start learning the step, *note: i hate learning steps to dance, i dance to the rhythm of my feet* I started to step on my partner's feet and missing the counts whenever i have to look into his eyes. Eyes have been my weak points on people so i wasn't suprised.

By the time i felt comfortable they always stole my partner. Aarrgghhh...dammit, but finally I did ok with Ian who, apart from twiching me around too fast and chatting during the dance *made me lose concentration but i guessed that's his comforting remedy*, could lead me on the floor successfully. that's the thing for you fellas out there, lead the ladies !!!

The instructor said I did great job coz I could catch up with the others all the routine they've been practicing for 2 months. And I did it within an hour.

No wonder I sprain my ankle.



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